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Women's Moonlight 6" Short

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If you like the look of the Moonlight Shorts as the perfect running attire, but don't want to veer quite so close to the "hot pants" market with the 3 inch version, you'll love the Zoot Moonlight 6" Shorts. With the same techy material and a touch more coverage, you can hit the trails with confidence.

Maybe you are a cyclist and already have a tan line five or six inches down your thigh, or perhaps you just don't want to be showing too much leg. Whatever your reasoning, the Moonlight 6" Shorts will cover all your requirements. Made from a high gauge, circular knit material, the Moonlight Shorts are lightweight and designed to wick moisture away from your body. The streamlined, non-bulky fit will keep you from feeling encumbered by material whether you are jogging along the creek trail or hiking over rock outcroppings on your day trips into the mountains. The waistband has received particular attention with a wide knit to keep it comfortable and prevent it from digging into your tummy. There is a draw cord that you can use if you need to cinch it up a touch, though you'll never lose that becoming, smooth-fit appearance. A zippered back pocket has been provided so that you can carry your keys or required nutrition with you on your outings. But don't worry about some unseemly bulge, since the pocket has been designed to accept your stuff without causing any unwanted protuberance.

If you are wont to heading out for runs in the evenings and might be out past sunset, you can count on the reflective details to keep you visible to inattentive drivers. And for those preferred sunny warm days, the Moonlight 6" Shorts do have a UPF 50+ sun protection rating.

The Zoot Moonlight 6" Shorts will promise you get a bit of a tan without showing more leg than you'd like.

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