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WOMEN'S Mizuno Shirt thermal mock neck

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The thermal mesh to the neck of the Mizuno for women's is the ideal accessory for all those who want to defend themselves from the cold and at the same time also repair the throat thanks to the crew neck top

Conceived and composed with the fabric Breath Thermo.

Breath Thermo is a thermal material, one that produces heat and keeps the temperature constant when worn during sporting activity in the winter. Its particular composition and structure ensures that the yarn produces heat from the energy released by the friction of the water molecules held by it during the physical activity. At the same time, removes the excess of perspiration, favoring the evaporation of the sweat in excess and resulting in a dry microclimate on the skin. Breath Thermo fabric is perfect for all those who move in a cold environment, or very cold.

These features make it an ideal material for water sports can be practiced outdoors, which are required, tissue-thin and not bulky, so as not to restrict the movements of the body.


Data sheet

Fabric: 93% Polyester 7% Polyacrylate
Weight: heaviness in the media
Model high neck
Flat seams

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