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How to get a Good Running Form

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good-running-form.jpgIt’s very important to run properly so you don’t waste energy and time in different planes of movements and working muscles that don’t need to be worked. Here are some some basics tips to improve your running forms. Running is a straightforward movement, pretty much horizontal. So a couple things to consider is how your entire body mechanics behaving:

Is your body moving sideway?
Is your head movement going left to right?
Are your arms going from outside to inside
Are your hips twisting. 

If any of these movements are occurring during your running, you are wasting energy and using unnecessary muscles.  It’s very inefficient movement and it will be the cause of early fatigue and not running as fast and as long as you should.

To correct these running symptoms you can hire a running coach or listen to these basic tips, which is much cheaper:

Robotic Arms

Set your arms bend at roughly 90 degrees to a hundred and ten degrees on each side of your body.  You don’t want to over tax the bicep by straining it and lifting the arms too high.  Your arms should do a straight forward and back movement not unlike a pendulum.  Ideally, the hands want to stay relaxed, if you clench your fist, you are loose a lot of energy to maintain that pressure. 


Straight Head

Your head should be high and tall, you are not looking down or up. Look straight ahead, hey, that’s where you are going right?!  A good tip would be to look more or less at the horizon in front of you.  Remember to keep your facial muscles relaxed.  A good example of that is when you see Olympics athlete running in slow motion, their face is all over the place and this is a good sign as their facial muscles are all relaxed.

Zero Bouncing

Try not too bounce up and down, we are moving into the horizontal plane and you want to stay as close to the ground as possible to increase the energy spent toward the horizontal plane and not the vertical one.


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